There are far too many great Beatle songs to do a proper tribute on a single CD. This was the creative dilemma faced after the release of Liverpool Re-Imagining the Beatles, where the focus was placed solely on arrangements from the John Lennon and Paul McCartney songbook. However, now on Here Comes The Sun, the spotlight has been widened to include the other great Beatle songwriter, George Harrison.

His presence is obvious on the title track, but is also heard on Sir George, a musical tribute I initially began composing during the making of Liverpool, and then later completed to be included in this project.

Lennon and McCartney songs still make up the lion’s share of the repertoire ranging from their innocent early days, There’s A Place and Please Please Me, to their more mature, studio savvy period, notably Penny Lane and I Am The Walrus.

Our approach this time was decidedly more classical in nature featuring again the musical talents of flutist Gary Stroutsos, cellist Walter Gray, and bassist Keith Lowe.

My multi-talented brother, Gary Lanz, and co-producer, engineer, Chip Westerfield, again skillfully carried out the production chores. All exercised reverence for the ever-present spirit of the Beatle’s music taking great care in making these unique arrangements come to life.

I am forever indebted to the other George, Sir George Martin, the brilliant producer and arranger who was arguably the “fifth Beatle” helping them greatly expand their musical reach and guiding their revolutionary use of the recording studio.

With that in mind, Sir George, seemed a fitting musical conclusion to this nearly four year arranging and recording odyssey, and with its apropos subtitle, Liverpool Farewell, we complete this chapter and tribute to an era of music that continues to live on and inspire. Here’s to the world’s greatest, the one and only Beatles!

Please Note: There are two versions of the Here Comes the Sun album. There is this one with the instruments of Gary Stroutsos, Walter Gray, and Keith Lowe. There is also a solo piano version. For information on the solo piano version, click here.




Prelude Sunrise Follows Moon
Here Comes the Sun
Mother Nature's Son
For No One
There's A Place
Please Please Me
Penny Lane
I Am The Walrus
Sir George (Liverpool Farewell)


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