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Movements of the Heart, David's first all original solo piano album in many years.
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Love's Return
La Luna dell'Amante
On Rainbow Way
To Touch the Sky
I Hear You in a Song
The Way Home
Movements of the Heart
White Horse
In Moonlight
Midnight Adagio (Amarie's Theme)
Here and Now
I See You in the Stars

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"Looking towards heaven, I rise up and touch the sky. The unmistakable
spirit of romance is in the air creating movements of the heart.
And there in moonlight, I hear you in a song, as the adagio plays,
heralding love's return."  David Lanz


Movements of the Heart
David Lanz
2013 / Shanachie
61 minutes

Heads up, solo piano lovers - especially lovers of David Lanz’s solo piano music! Movements of the Heart is Lanz’s first CD of all new original piano solos since his 2008 release, Painting the Sun. Beloved throughout the world for his silky piano touch and soulful music from the heart, Lanz returns with some of his most passionate music to date. The majority of the thirteen tracks are on the slower, more romantic side, with a couple of exceptions that spice up the tone of the album as a whole and a few that feel more free-form and spontaneous. Excellent from the first note to the last, Movements of the Heart was well worth the wait!

The album begins with “Love’s Return,” an unabashedly romantic, heart-on-the-sleeve kind of love song that overflows with tenderness and passion - a new Lanz classic, I’m sure. “La Luna Dell’ Amante” is one of those pieces that make my fingers itch to play it. Delicate and bittersweet with a gently swirling rhythm, this is definitely a favorite. “To Touch the Sky” is light and very quiet, evoking images of puffy white clouds softly floating against a bright blue sky. There are many distinctive Lanz touches on “Rainlight” and yet it’s different from anything he’s done before. Love it! “I Hear You In a Song” is one of the less-structured pieces, feeling very in-the-moment and coming from a place deep within - so beautiful! The title track has a graceful, melancholy melody that speaks a personal truth with great emotion. The bigger and more energetic “White Horse” is probably not related to Lanz’s earlier “Dark Horse” (one of his signature pieces), but ooh, my fingers are getting itchy again! “In Moonlight” is very slow and spare - a bit like “The Visitor” from East of the Moon - so simple and yet so profound - another favorite. Whispered tones continue in “Midnight Adagio,” with passion building as the piece unfolds - a gorgeous and very subtle masterpiece. “I See You In the Stars” is almost fragile yet strong and resilient. The performance sounds partly composed and partly improvised, keeping it fresh and vulnerable. What an incredible album!

David Lanz has been one of my very favorite artists for many years and Movements of the Heart leaves no doubt that he is still at the top of his game while continuing to grow and evolve as an artist. I give this album a whole-hearted standing ovation! The release date is October 8, 2013, and the CD is available for pre-order from, iTunes, and Amazon.

Kathy Parsons

A New Age Solo Piano Masterpiece
John Iverson
Zone Music Reporter
Rating: Excellent

Right from the opening track, "Love's Return", it's quite obvious that the latest release from this new age music icon is something special and extraordinary! David recently moved from Washington state to upstate New York, and what surely had to be a drastic change for him after so many years in the Pacific northwest may just have inspired this album, perhaps even as the opening piece suggests, the return of love.

The root of David Lanz's music has always been solo piano - beautiful melodies that come straight from the heart and are poured out through his instrument so stunningly and emotionally as if it were a part of him. So when a solo piano album like this one is released you can be sure that it will be something very special. Quite simply stated the album is thirteen amazing pieces of music, and you can't really pick a favourite from among them. Of particular note however are "Love's Return", "On Rainbow Way", Rainlight", and the title track "Movements of the Heart".

To David's credit he has always been an artist that other new age pianists admire and aspire to be like, and with the release of Movements of the Heart he again proves himself worthy of this esteem.

I have admired David Lanz's artistry since his days on the Narada label in the mid 1980's, and this album ranks among the finest that he has done! The album is classic David Lanz, and is breathtaking from start to finish. David is a master of the piano, knowing how to utilize all the sonorities, colours and vocal range of the instrument to full advantage, producing a sound that is full-bodied and radiant. This album is certainly destined to be yet another classic for this tireless composer and performer, and a must have for all David Lanz fans!





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