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To contact David or the website, please email us at contact@davidlanz.com. We try to respond as quickly as possible, but please note that David is often out of town performing concerts or conducting workshops. Make sure your email address is correct so that we can contact you.

Concert information: If you are writing to ask when David will appear in your town, the only concert information we have is on the Concerts page. Please note that it is not up to David where he plays. You must contact the theater in your town and request to have him play there. Sign up for David's email list to be notified when concerts are added in your area.

Permission to use David's music: If you are writing to request permission to use David's music for a project, please list the song(s) you want to use, and a complete description of the project, including whether it will be a for profit, used on a website, YouTube, Vimeo, or just given to family and friends. Without this information, we cannot process your request. Since many of David's songs are owned by a large corporation, also please let us know where you located as different people handle different geographic areas.

To purchase tickets for David's concerts, CLICK ON THE CONCERTS TAB ABOVE.

Sheet Music: All available sheet music is listed in David's store. There are songbooks and some titles are available as downloadable pdf files. There are samples of the pdf files so you can see if that is what you are looking for. The sheet music listed in the Store is the only sheet music available. We only have music for piano.