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Here are some well known and not so well known facts about David :-)





David Lanz
  • It is said that he plays "New Age" music that people HATE to LOVE!...a quote from Playboy Magazine.

  • David Lanz, Seattle native, and one of the originators of New Age/New Instrumental music, was on the scene and on the charts before Yanni and John Tesh. Even before his gold record "Cristofori's Dream" became the world's first #1 Billboard New Age/Adult Alternative album (#1 for 27 consecutive weeks), David was heard around the world on the classic bubble gum hit "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks.

  • On a recent "America's Funniest Home Videos" broadcast, one of the videos shown was of a piano recital where a toddler was sneaking cookies. The music being played was "Cristofori's Dream". The video won the $10,000 prize!

  • At least two of our Presidents, and their First Ladies, have had Lanz's music featured on Air Force One....and George Bush Sr. has used his music for massage.

  • His year 2000 album "East of the Moon," on Decca Records, was nominated for a Grammy and produced by the legendary Hugh Padgham (Sting, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Melissa Etheridge.)  Hugh, who has also worked with the Police, XTC, The Bee Gees, and Paul McCartney, cited this album as his first instrumental outing.

  • David, who comically refers to his music as "Heavy Mellow" and "Zen Pop," is no stranger to Rock and Roll. He is currently producing and playing drums on Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention ex-band member (and Seattle native) Jeff Simmons second solo album. (Zappa produced Jeff's first.) David also backed up Pat Boone on the drums for a local Seattle benefit concert.  

  • People often ask how David manages to play some of his songs. The span of his fingers reaches a 10th, for example from C to E above the octave C.  

  • One of David's first musical ventures was with a band called the Towne Cryers. Click the link, check out the picture and see if you can find David!  

  • Soap Opera Weekly recently reported that Jason Cook (Shawn, Days Of Our Lives) credits Lanz with inspiring him to return to the piano. "I even went to one of his recitals and met him. He's a totally cool guy." 

  • The world renowned US Naval Band, who performs hundreds of concerts yearly for dignitaries and world leaders, play several of David's specially arranged compositions from his "Skyline Firedance" album. Lanz claims to be the reincarnated, "New Age" John Philip Sousa :) :) 

  • David says: "When I am on tour, I am constantly introduced to children, by their parents, who were born to the sounds of my music in their hospital rooms. Several of these parents have even sheepishly admitted that their children were also conceived to my music!" 

  • Even though the Yanni meister's CDs out sell David's, the Lanz guy way out sells Yanni in the sheet music department. Thousands of piano students and teachers study David's music, which is very melodic and well structured. When he is on tour he often does free piano clinics for his throngs of devoted piano students. David smiles coyly as he comments on the thousands of children he is torturing daily who are trying to learn to play his music :)  

  • Lanz is a celebrity spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association.  

  • His music has found its way into hospitals, hospices, and clinics around the country. Doctors and nurses have reported its calming effects on children and adult patients with cancer, AIDS, and other life threatening illnesses. One Midwestern surgeon claims he won't ever operate unless there are Lanz tunes in the O.R.  David has considered sending that doctor a bill for services rendered :)  

  • When the Pittsburgh daily newspaper went on strike, The Associated Press reported that a local TV station began broadcasting the obituaries with depressing organ music playing in the background. The station was flooded with complaints about their unfortunate choice of music. When Lanz's song "Cristofori's Dream" was substituted and played instead, the station was again flooded with calls from people "dying" to find out whose music that was!  

  • Lanz's song, "Behind the Waterfall", has been reported to have been the first "New Age" hit single.  

  • After having a conversation on the subject of sacred geometry with author, Gary Hardin, of the New York Times best selling book, The Messengers, David intuitively constructed a new musical scale of sorts and composed a 17 minute healing meditation piece. This was heard by Boise piano teacher Shirley Taylor and her students, who dubbed it the "angel scale" and soon after began composing their own composition based on Lanz's "scale." 

  • An e-mail from a Boston piano teacher revealed that a direct descendant of Bartolomeo Cristofori (the inventor of the piano) was given a copy of David's album, "Cristofori's Dream" (dedicated to the inventor) and the Cristofori family reportedly loved it!  The elder Cristofori has been in the news during the year 2000 because the world was celebrating the 300th anniversary of his invention ... the piano.