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“French Impressions, the brand new David Lanz album, is the artists most ambient, but picturesque work to date. The master pianist has once more created a canvas of lush musical colour to embrace us all with, you will find such a depth of skill and beauty, within this magical new album, one that will entrance you for a life time, this is Lanz at his very best.”
— Steve Sheppard, oneworldmusic.co.uk

FRENCH IMPRESSIONS... From the Liner Notes:At the piano, in the early morning hours of summer past, I would mentally prepare before I began to record the compositions for what became my Norwegian Rain release. Often times it helped me to prepare when I would begin recording by first moving into a gentle improvisation.

After listening back to this collection of improvisations, I found that the relaxed song structure and improvised melodies made for an enjoyable ambient yet sophisticated sonic experience.

Recorded in our temporary French villa, in the summer of 2016, for you to sample and savor, these pianistic French Impressions.

David Lanz


New Video: O Holy Night


Forever Christmas

Painting The Sun

Norwegian Rain

After spending several summer's in Norway, my wife, Kristin Amarie's homeland, I found a special kinship with an old upright piano that had belonged to Kristin's grandfather. This instrument and I became close friends in between sight seeing and spending time with my Norwegian family... and much of this new music began on this beloved family instrument.

I now have a special place in my heart for Norway...
Those feelings can all be heard here and felt like a cool morning mist in the Fjords...
like notes falling from the skies. The piano's echo of a sweet Norwegian Rain.

—David Lanz

Silhouettes of Love

“Along with a truly all-star cast of musical accompanists, their new album, "Silhouettes Of Love" is a stunning synergy of new age, smooth jazz, and more, that transcends it roots to produce an innovative sound that breaks new ground for these talented artists - a piano icon and a rising star.”
—Michael Diamond, michaeldiamondmusic.com

“An album oozing with class, constructed with passion, and performed with great skill and dedication."
—Steve Shepard, One World Music Radio


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